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Art-o-mat Madness!

What is Art-o-mat? Watch the clip above from the Rachel Ray show to find out!

Artist Clark Whittington had the brilliant idea of taking some evil relics (cigarette machines) and turning them into art dispensing devices for the masses. Now there are over 100 machines and 400 participating artists. $5.00-10.00 gets you a small piece of original artwork, each one handmade for you by a real, live artist.

My total sales for Art-o-mat paintings have reached 900. Another set of 50 are set to ship out across the country by the end of this week. The goal is 1,000 but chances are that will become 2,000 soon enough.

Check out for locations.

If you find yourself with one of my 900 tiny paintings, take your pic with it next to the machine (or elsewhere) and email it to me (info @ with NO SPACES) so I can post it on this website!

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