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Another Brain Sell Sold!

Over the past few years I've received emails and pics from some of the thoughtful people who've chosen my paintings and took the time to say hi, but I just had to mention the super sweet note and photos from a great couple named Donna and Steve. Their note and happy faces really made my mission feel meaningful:

Hello Jill!

I recently acquired your art from one of the Art O Mat's at the Cosmopolitan during a business trip to Las Vegas! See attached.

We think this is just a great idea and love what you were able to do creatively on such a small "canvas." I'm sure you also find this process very challenging and lots of fun to do.

We feel honored to acquire your art and love sharing this unique story with many of our friends and family.

Thank you!

Steve and Donna

(Also Jerseyites!)

Thanks Donna & Steve, and the other 950 people out there with my lost "brain cells."

#jillcaporlingua #artomat #fineart

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